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Welcome to EFP Drone Footage, your go-to drone company for top-notch drone services in Liverpool.

We are equipped with the latest drone technology to capture stunning visuals that will take your project to new heights. From real estate and property, to construction, or marketing, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results. We specialise in providing high quality aerial footage and photography for a wide range of customer needs.

Aerial Inspections

Roof inspections for your home or business. Solar panel inspections. Damage inspections. Agriculture monitoring, all by drone.


Drone flights over docks and other industrial areas can be programmed and repeated to give an aerial insight into operations and structure.


Construction site progression monitoring via EFP Drone Footage. Automated flights, 2D and 3D maps and models.

Land, and Property

Estate agents, landlords, and property management firms can benefit from aeiral videos and photography to showcase a premisis to customers.

2D Maps and 3D Models

EFP Drone Footage can take aerial photographs that can be stitched together using specialist software that can produce 2D maps and 3D models of your site or property.

Automated Flights

EFP Drone footage automated flight planning can be a great assistance to you as repeatable flights are designed, stored and flown at your desired times.


Drone Videos to support your project and turn your dream into a reality.

Aerial Photography

Drone photography to support your project and achive your goals.

Professional Editing

A decade of editing skills can raise your brand to lofty heights.

Video Production

Post-production video editing to help you achive the look you require.

Why Us?

Best Filming Equipment

10 Years Experience

Professional Editing

Automated Drone Flight Planning

Mission planning is key to a lot of our drone flights. Time, and a lot of detail go into our automation projects to ensure the smoothest results each time.

efp drone footage flight planning

Customised Automated Drone Flights

After we have designed a flight path for your project, we can deliver the same shot once, or as many times as you like. Watch an example of an EFP Drone Footage programmed flight below. The video shows day and night versions of the same flight plan.

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