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Enhancing Construction Through Aerial Precision

At EFP Drone Footage, we redefine construction site monitoring with GPS automated software, ensuring unrivalled precision and consistency in every tour. Our drones execute meticulously planned flight paths, guaranteeing accurate and dependable deliverables for your unique needs. From daily progress checks to comprehensive site assessments, our automated flights streamline the process, enhance safety, and empower informed decision-making.

Revolutionising Estate Agent Marketing

Discover a new dimension of real estate marketing with EFP Drone Footage. Our aerial photography and videography services capture properties from captivating angles, creating stunning visual content that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression. Whether you’re an agent looking to showcase listings or a property management company seeking innovative ways to promote your portfolio, our custom drone campaigns deliver unparalleled brand visibility and engagement.

Ready to elevate your projects with stunning aerial perspectives? Explore Our Services and discover how EFP Drone Footage can transform your vision into reality. Whether you’re looking for construction site monitoring, captivating estate agent land and property visuals, or compelling media productions, we’re here to bring your ideas to new heights.

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About Our Drones

about the dji air 3

DJI Air 3

Newest Drone

DJI Air 3 is a compact foldable drone with two powerful cameras - a wide angle and a 3x medium telephoto. Enjoy optimized flights with a 46-minute maximum flight time omnidirectional obstacle sensing and O4 video transmission. Capture breathtaking details of any scene with dual-camera 48MP photos and 4K HDR Video.

about the dji mini 4 pro

DJI Mini 4 Pro

Under 250 grams

DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone with RC 2 Controller Go Big With Mini DJI Mini 4 Pro is our most advanced mini camera drone to date. It integrates powerful imaging capabilities, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, ActiveTrack 360 o with the new Trace Mode, and ²⁰km FHD video transmission, bringing even more things to love for pros and beginners alike. Take it Easy Take off whenever inspiration strikes.

about the dji air 2s drone

DJI Air 2s

1 Inch Sensor

DJI Air 2S One for everything Capture it all With a 1-inch CMOS sensor, powerful smart features, compact body and weighing under 600g, the DJI Air 2S is the ultimate drone for aerial photographers. Take this all-purpose powerhouse of the skies anywhere to experience and capture your world in stunning detail.

EFP Drone Footage Flights

Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

Covered By Moonrock Drone Insurance and CAA A2 C of C Drone Certified

About EFP Drone Footage Service Packages

At EFP Drone Footage, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer a range of Service Packages designed to meet your specific requirements:

Aerial Photography Essentials: Perfect for showcasing properties, events, or landscapes with stunning aerial imagery.

Construction Progress Monitoring: Our automated drone flights ensure accurate and consistent site tours for comprehensive project tracking.

Media Productions: Elevate your marketing efforts with captivating aerial videos and photographs for advertisements, documentaries, and more.

Geographical Coverage: Serving Liverpool and Beyond: Our Premier Drone Services Extends Across the Merseyside.

Specialised Industries: Tailored Solutions for Your Industry:

  • Real Estate: Showcase properties like never before with stunning aerial visuals.
  • Construction: Monitor progress, enhance safety, and capture every angle of your site.
  • Events: Create memorable event highlights from a unique perspective.
  • Media Productions: Elevate your marketing campaigns with dynamic aerial content.
  • Land & Property: Highlight land plots, properties, and facilities with precision.

Our Address

EFP Drone Footage – Covering The Skies Of Liverpool

A: Absolutely. Our drone pilot is fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and holds A2 CofC certification, ensuring safe and compliant operations.

A: We combine cutting-edge technology with a passion for precision. Our GPS automated flights, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction make us a standout choice.

A: The turnaround time varies depending on the complexity of the project. However, we strive to provide you with high-quality results within a reasonable timeframe. Sometimes it may be a couple hours, or a few minutes.

A: Yes, drones are subject to airspace regulations and no-fly zones. Our experienced pilot is well-versed in navigating these restrictions to ensure safe and legal operations.

A: Indeed, we offer post-production services to enhance and refine the captured footage or images. Editing is a great way to create polished visuals that align with your vision.

A: Safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety protocols, maintain a safe distance from people and property, and carry insurance coverage for added peace of mind.

A: While we’re based in Liverpool, we offer our services across the Merseyside, we’re committed to delivering exceptional drone services to you.

A: Our friendly team is here to assist you. Simply get in touch via phone or email, and we’ll discuss your project details to recommend the most suitable package.

At EFP Drone Footage, we take pride in being the go-to drone service provider in Liverpool. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Contact EFP Drone Footage today to explore how our drone services can elevate your project or business.

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