Client Project – Template Page

(Project Address)

Project Name, Project Customer Name, Project Type. Project Deliverable Type.

(Project Start - End Dates)

Date Of Image

Project Location On Google Maps

Project Description

A brief description of the job and what deliverables the client requires.

(Project) Slideshow

Project Video

This video of the project at (location), gives an insight into the reason that the client had for needing this (job type eg roof inspection) and they can now use this data to help get the desired outcome.

Gaussian Splatt 3D Image Created With Drone Flights

The location is also shown in a 3D Gaussian Splatt. This was used to further showcase the (area) job and help (client). 

(Project) 3D Model

A 3D model of the job at (location) providing a unique view of the building and any imperfections it may have can be monitored and discussed using this model.

Before and After 2D Orthomosaic Map Viewer

A 2D orthomosaic map that shows the job at (location) and the surroudning area. This gives (client name) a lot of data and the flight is also repeatable, meaning it is easy to compare this dataset to future flights and the resulting imagery.

Before After EFP Drone Footage - Drone Services in Liverpool - Estate Agents, Construction Sites, Roof Inspections, Aerial Inspections, Media. Automated Drone Flights.

360 Images

A 360 degree panorama image of the area at (location). This interactive image allows the client, and potential customers of theirs to have an up-to-date view of the area and property. Uploaded via Klapty.

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