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Welcome to EFP Drone Footage, your premier partner for Aerial Mapping solutions in Liverpool. We bring innovative drone technology to the heart of Liverpool, providing comprehensive aerial mapping services that cater to diverse needs, from construction projects to land development.

Services We Offer:

Services We Offer:

Accurate 3D Models:

Harness the power of precision with our drone-generated 3D models. Whether you’re a construction firm, architect, or land developer, our accurate 3D models provide a detailed representation of your site, aiding in planning and decision-making.

2D Orthomosaic Maps:

Gain a comprehensive view of your property with our high-resolution 2D orthomosaic maps. Ideal for surveying and land development, these maps offer detailed insights into terrain, boundaries, and topography.

Before and After Mapping:

Track changes over time with our innovative “Before and After” mapping feature. Perfect for construction progress monitoring, this tool allows you to visually compare site changes and improvements.

360-Degree Imaging:

Immerse yourself in a complete visual experience with our 360-degree imaging. Ideal for showcasing properties, construction sites, or land for sale, these panoramic views offer a dynamic and engaging perspective.

Revolutionising Surveying with Drone Technology

In the dynamic world of surveying, the integration of drone technology has ushered in a new era of efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness. A drone survey, conducted using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), offers a wealth of benefits by capturing aerial data through various sensors like RGB or multispectral cameras and LIDAR payloads.

What is a Drone Survey?

During a drone survey, the ground is photographed from different angles, and each image is tagged with coordinates. Advanced photogrammetry techniques combine these images to create geo-referenced orthomosaics, elevation models, or 3D representations of the project area. The result is a detailed and accurate depiction that can be utilised for various applications.

Benefits of Drones in Surveying:

Save Time and Money:

Drone surveys cover hundreds of hectares in just a couple of flights, significantly reducing field time and survey costs. Capturing topographic data with a drone is up to five times faster than with land-based methods, requiring less manpower.

Provide Accurate and Exhaustive Data:

Total stations only measure individual points, while one drone flight produces thousands of measurements represented in various formats like orthomosaic, point cloud, DTM, DSM, contour lines, etc. Each pixel of the produced map or point of the 3D model contains 3D geo-data.

Reach Difficult Terrain:

Aerial surveying drones can navigate almost anywhere, overcoming limitations posed by unreachable areas, unsafe slopes, or challenging terrain unsuitable for traditional measuring tools. Operations can continue without interruptions, even during ongoing activities.

Applications of Drones in Surveying:

Land Surveying / Cartography:

Survey drones generate high-resolution orthomosaics and detailed 3D models, enabling the production of high-accuracy cadastral maps quickly. Detailed features such as signs, curbs, road markers, and drains can be extracted from the images.

Why Choose Aerial Mapping by EFP Drone Footage?

Benefit from our in-depth understanding of Liverpool’s diverse landscape. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of the local community, providing insights that matter.

Local Expertise:

Precision and Efficiency:

Our drone technology ensures precise and efficient mapping, saving you time and resources. Whether it’s a construction project or land survey, we deliver results with unmatched accuracy.

Environmental Responsibility:

Reduce your environmental impact with our drone-powered aerial mapping. It’s a greener alternative to traditional survey methods, contributing to a sustainable future for Liverpool.

Custom Solutions:

Every project is unique, and so are our solutions. We work closely with clients to understand their goals, offering custom mapping solutions that align with specific project requirements.

Custom Solutions:

Experience the Future of Aerial Mapping

EFP Drone Footage is your go-to partner for Aerial Mapping in Liverpool. Step into the future of precision, efficiency, and innovation. Contact us today to explore how our drone technology can elevate your mapping needs.

Local. Innovative. Precise. Experience Aerial Mapping with EFP Drone Footage.

We take pride in being the go-to drone service provider in Liverpool. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Contact EFP Drone Footage today to explore how our drone services can elevate your project or business.

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