Potters Barn 3D Model of Georgian Era 1816 Bird Bath

Today I took a trip to Potters Barn park, in Waterloo, Liverpool. Whilst there I captured over 1000 images of the bird bath that is located in the park. There is a neat little story behind the park, and its features. That is why I am delighted to have been able to turn the 1000+ images into this 3D model of the bird bath. And further capture the history of the area.

The park opened in 1816, during the Georgian era, and at the time, the area of Waterloo, was known as Crosby Seabank. Wikipedia tells us June 18th, 1816, was the first anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and The Waterloo Hotel was named in honour of Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon.

You can see the hotel in the background of the video below.

This is a beautiful piece of history in an area steaped with many listed Grade II buildings, and this is just one of them.

This was a nice way to showcase the history of the area, in Liverpool, which is also known for Crosby beach.

I have made videos showing automated drone flights at the Crosby Lakeside Adventure Park in the past.

You can see the park, and the lakehouse as well as other areas of Crosby in the next video of the automated dorne flights I mentioned.

Potters Barn Gussian Splatt - Have A Go! Zoom Around

Here is a 3D, 360 degree Gaussian Splatt I made of the park at Potters Barn.

Gaussian splatting is a method for representing 3D scenes and rendering novel views introduced in “3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering”

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